Livin-stone (Solid Surface) Bathtubs

The freestanding bathtubs in Livin Stone® in the BULL and QUADRA models are designed by SDR to be the protagonist of the bathroom. They are made with raw materials of the highest quality thus ensuring excellent durability and easy cleaning.



Revolution (Solid Surface)

The solid surface is an advanced material composed of aluminum tri-hydrate and acrylic resin that combine strength and ductility: these materials can be colored, thermoformed and assembled by joining several elements with imperceptible joints, creating applications of any size, flat or curved, with continuity. of shape, which remain almost unchanged over time. Thanks to the ability to add and combine colored pigments during the production process (polymerization), many different shades can be obtained: the result will be an aesthetically flawless and chemically stable product, with minimal impact on indoor air quality.


Technical information