Why should bathroom be made only of ceramic?

Derived from the selection of highest quality raw materials, the main component is a natural mineral filler called, aluminum tree-hydrate (ATH) derived from bauxite ore, linked by a low percentage of matter “acrylics” that gives malleability and workability. It is a material designed to meet the highest standards of quality technology and environmental impact, is: VERSATILE: it is a material with high functional and aesthetic performance. REFINED: the surface is solid (solid surface) homogeneous, non-porous and extremely smooth. Besides delivering aesthetic sense and purity, it is easy to clean, over time does not become yellow and does not lose the color tone. QUALITY: is completely non-toxic, antibacterial, inert, hypoallergenic, flame retardant. And also you can easily recover, recycle and thus being part of those materials defined “environmentally friendly”.

Features and colors available:

The collection consists of wall-hung toilets and bidets, washbasins and bathtubs and is offered in 4 different dedicated colours: Cotton, Camelia, Avio and Aloe.

Technical information

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In ceramic

Consolle 95

In ceramic

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