The new colors arrive, all well described in the latest general catalogue, which has just been printed and presented to the sales force.

The choice is increasingly varied and ranges from the now very popular NUNANCE colours, even more democratic and perfect for every situation, to the ESSENCE colours: more decisive and classic shades which return, after some time, for new modern inspirations.

These are the color palettes specifically designed by SDR to best respond to all needs, and create a coordinated bathroom with a modern, contemporary or classic style. SDR’s color proposal is truly a distinctive feature of the company.

Within the NUANCE color collection, we find a reinterpretation of the previous shades of green, pink, beige, light blue and grey. While as regards ESSENCE the bathroom must-haves return: sand, coffee, graphite, magnesium and ice. To complete it all we have the glossy white and SDR’s best seller: the matt cream white.

Speaking of best sellers, we couldn’t fail to mention the BULL sanitary ware collection which in its new colors is truly unmissable.

The BULL sanitary ware are unique thanks to their welcoming surface, despite their small size. The BULL series, with its sweet and warm design, anticipates living trends through its geometrically precise curves, enhanced by a hygienic and resistant material such as ceramic. Material worked perfectly thanks to a unique artisan experience.

The quality of BULL is once again recognized and chosen to furnish one of the most important scenes of the film “The Undecided Groom. That he couldn’t or maybe didn’t want to get out of the bathroom anymore”, in theaters these days. Could he also have become too fond of this unique sanitary ware? To find out, the only solution is to go to the cinema and see Giorgio Amato’s new film.

With an exceptional cast featuring Francesco Pannofino, Claudia Gerini, Ornella Muti, Gian Marco Tognazzi and Ilenia Pastorelli as protagonists, Giorgio Amato returns to the cinema with a new comedy about two people from completely different worlds and their wedding .

Spoiler: A new rimless exhaust system using vortex technology will soon be introduced.


To create SDR products, the artisans of the internal team, experts in ceramic processing, dedicate body and soul to the care of every single piece. The entire production cycle takes place within the company, therefore 100% in Italy. It is precisely there that the need arises to dedicate a tailor-made treatment to each step that makes an SDR product unique and with attention to the smallest details. Attention to the product also involves great sensitivity towards the environment and sustainability. SDR uses a system for recycling water, scrap ceramics and plaster molds that are no longer suitable for production. The company uses a kiln with low emissions into the atmosphere and lower consumption of methane gas for firing ceramic sanitary ware. Finally, it collects energy through photovoltaic panels for a production of 350 kW of clean energy.