SDR presents Vertigo: the new 2.0 exhaust system

A vortex that optimizes drainage performance and covers all surfaces, directing the water uniformly and dynamically. This is VERTIGO: the new drainage system presented by SDR which will soon be available for all ceramic sanitary ware models.

VERTIGO by SDR is a rimless system, silent and compatible with all wall boxes on the market, which is able to guarantee hygiene standards that are among the best on the market.

The technical characteristics of VERTIGO such as the flushing power without any water leakage, the ease of cleaning and installation combine with the elegance of a minimal and modern design

Compared to the classic NO-RIM used by various sanitary ware brands, VERTIGO by SDR does not require any flow reducer.

Specifically, VERTIGO works through a jet of water inside the toilet which, delivered through a lateral hole, generates a powerful “vortex” flow that perfectly covers the entire surface without leaking from the sanitary fixture.

BULL will be the first collection to also be produced with the new VERTIGO exhaust version.

BULL by SDR has a sweet and warm design, with geometrically precise curves that anticipate living trends.

The ceramic material, worked perfectly thanks to a unique artisan experience, enhances the shapes of its unique and comfortable sanitary ware thanks to their welcoming surface, but of limited size.

The BULL collection was also recently presented in the new NUANCE and ESSENCE color ranges. In the NUANCE range we find a revisitation of the previous shades of green, pink, beige, light blue and grey, while in the ESSENCE range the bathroom “must haves” return: sand, coffee, graphite, magnesium and ice. The color proposal is completed by glossy white and SDR’s “best seller”: matt cream white which represents excellence in the company’s production.

The SDR bathroom is a complete and coordinated environment thanks to the program of freestanding, wall-mounted or countertop washbasins, custom-made furniture, tubs and shower trays, and taps.


To create SDR products, the artisans of the internal team, experts in ceramic processing, dedicate body and soul to the care of every single piece. The entire production cycle takes place within the company, therefore 100% in Italy. It is precisely there that the need arises to dedicate a tailor-made treatment to each step that makes an SDR product unique and with attention to the smallest details.

Attention to the product also involves great sensitivity towards the environment and sustainability. SDR uses a system for recycling water, scrap ceramics and plaster molds that are no longer suitable for production. The company uses a kiln with low emissions into the atmosphere and lower consumption of methane gas for firing ceramic sanitary ware. Finally, it collects energy through photovoltaic panels for a production of 350 kW of clean energy.